Monday, August 31, 2015

30 and 31 August... random blah...

I can't believe that the -ber months are finally here.

This year, just like all the previous years, is going by so fast.

Hmm, so how did I spend the last day of August? Nothing special. Just the usual.

Besides work, I managed to squeeze in some time for personal errands - laundry and grocery shopping. Hehe! With the trip to Japan (I'm that confident that my visa is approved!) and the upcoming trip to Manila, I really have to save and cut down on my expenses.

I also went for the usual Pump class at Westgate. I wish I would get even more stronger. I've been lifting the same weights for Pump for some time now. I probably need to push myself a bit more.

Yesterday was quite a slow but productive Sunday. I decided that I will just stay put at my side of the island. I felt that I needed to recover from four straight days of doing dinners in town. Haha! I love all friends who visit but I have to admit, I'm no longer 24. I need my recovery day.

I will get restless if I just stay at home. Hence, I came up with my schedule for the day. After having a heavy Filipino breakfast (so that I can have lunch at a later time), I took the train to Woodlands and waited for the library to open. Once it opened, I went to my usual spot at the third level and spent the next five hours at that spot. From the library, I dropped by a kopitiam for quick snack before heading to Clementi for church.

Mass ended at 6, and I was home by 7. That gave me enough time to rest a bit before heading out for a run.

I figured that I have time and energy to do a longer than usual run. So, I ended up going for a 6.67K run at the park connector near my place. It was kind of fun. I haven't done a night run in a while. It was enjoyable.

That's how the last days of August were spent...

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