Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bed talk over dinner...

Over dinner the other night, one topic we talked about was beds.

Ann Marie, one of our friends, recently moved in to her own place. So, the past few weeks/days have been spent scouting for, making decisions about, and finally purchasing home stuff - including beds.

That day, she told us that she was contemplating between two beds. I forgot the details of one bed. The other bed, meanwhile, has a technology whereby sleeping person 1 won't feel a thing when sleeping person 2 climbs into bed. It's probably perfect for light sleepers who wake up at the slightest of movements. Hehe!

This started a discussion on why or why such a bed is good.

Richie proffered, "But don't you like it when you feel that someone finally climbs into bed next to you?"

Me being me, I naturally agreed with him on the above and on this - well, I do like it when in the middle of the night, I reach out to the person next to me, I could feel the person there. I certainly don't want to reach out to an empty space. Lol!

So, yeah, I think the only thing I want from my future is bed is to wake up with no middle back pain. Haha! But then, I dunno if that's because of the bed or if it's because of aging.

The discussion moved towards other home furnishings such as sink, toilet seats, lighting, and so on, but the bed got one of the lengthier talk time. Hehe!

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