Thursday, August 27, 2015

Entertainment week...

From tonight until Saturday night, I'm booked every night to meet an overseas-based friend. Haha!

Earlier, I met up with Richie and Mon for dinner and coffee with I-van. Hmm, I dun really consider him to be a visitor anymore since he'a here so often. Haha! Dinner tonight was at Toss & Turn - our current fave salad place. It was followed by checking out stuff at Crate & Barrel. Our last stop was Robert Timms for coffee and long conversations.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a Dubai-based friend who's here on a business trip.

Friday night, it will be dinner with a Japanese friend and his family. I met this guy at an event of my former company. Since then, we managed to sustain the friendship thanks to the Internet.

On Saturday night, it is dinner with another ex-colleague who is transiting in Singapore.

This week is all about entertaining! Haha!

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