Monday, August 17, 2015

The growing Madonna collection...

The Mary collection is growing. Hehe!

Before Richie and Mon went to Shanghai for their long weekend hols, Richie asked if I wanted anything from there. I was quick to say, "Hmm, not really, friend." He mentioned a few things they were planning to buy, such as silk, shirting materials. However, I didn't really see the need for those.

Then I quickly remembered what a great souvenir from China would be. I told Richie, "Friend, please find me a small statue of Guan Yin." I even sent him a few photos of the kind of Guan Yin I was looking for.

When Mon and Richie returned from Shanghai, they sent me a photo of what they bought. I immediately got excited because it was a Guan Yin carrying a baby. I didn't even know there was such a version. I thanked both of them and told them it would go perfectly with the growing Mary collection.

I sent the photo above to Tipz so he can see that the collection is growing. He asked if it wasn't sacrilegious to include a Guan Yin statue. Hmm, to be honest, I guess I'm not sure. It's about perception maybe?

To me, she is Guan Yin but I also see her as the Chinese version of Mary and Child. After all, Guan Yin is often seen as the Holy Mary among Buddhists (?). Maybe if I view it from that perspective, it won't be sacrilegious? Hehe!

So, from left to right, Guan Yin with Baby via Mon and Richie; Angkor Madonna; Black Madonna of Montserrat via Tipz; Mary in Delftware style; Bruges Madonna via Tipz. Not in photo is the Pieta statue I bought from the Vatican.

I found someone selling a Madonna in a batik kebaya but it was 8" tall! It's too big for my collection. It is sooo pretty though! Next I want to look for are a Japanese Madonna and if there is one, maybe an Indian Madonna.

Oh, I would also love to see a Madonna in a baro't saya or Filipiniana garb.

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