Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday night drinks...

I was planning to go for my usual run after work.

However, it suddenly rained around 5PM. Though the rain stopped, I decided to skipp running because I was worried that the ground might be too slippery.

Instead, I messaged Mon and Richie to check what their plans for the night were.

Since it was a Monday night, they said they didn't have any plans.

I asked them if they were up for some drinks. Haha!

By 8PM, I was already on the east side of the island making my way to Mon and Rich's place. On the way, I recognised a familiar person making his way to the same exit I was about to take - RKGreg. Yay, it was good to see him and I guess I was meant to see him.

I brought my Christmas present for them with me. My plan was to drop by their place after I visit Mon and Rich to pass on the Christmas pressie I got. Hehe! Good to see RKGreg.

Anyway, what I thought would be a somewhat short hohol time (it is a Monday after all) turned in to a long chitchat hangout. Haha! I just got home a few minutes ago. When I left, Richie was already about to sleep. Haha! It was way past their bed time.

Always happy to see them.

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