Saturday, April 23, 2016

Whiskey Coke night...

I needed a drink tonight, just because. Haha!

Earlier during the day, I asked two friends if they were up for drinks. One was not sure, the other was up for it. Eventually, we decided to postpone it. Hours later, the plan was on. Haha!

It turned out that these two friends were planning to a meet & greet happening at City Hall. I, on the other hand, planned to meet up with Richie for dinner... at City Hall.

Everything was perfect.

After my dinner, I met up with my two friends and we went to a place along Telok Ayer St. It was interesting for a number of reasons: 1.) I didn't know the AJ bar existed; 2.) It was a karaoke bar; 3.) It's for bears!!! Wow!

I was just hoping to have one glass of my usual whiskey coke as I felt like celebrating because it was a weekend. That one was glass turned out to be 5 glasses! Hahaha! It was good because I finally learned the trick how to have more glasses without burning a hole in my wallet.

Order a jug and share it with a friend. Surprisingly, this bar is kinda generous with its whiskey Coke - 10 glasses in all! Hmm, the whiskey they used is defo not Johnnie Walker though, defo not Maker's Mark. Haha! For the price my friend and I paid, $36 in total, we don't complain. A glass of whiskey Coke is already $11 without taxes. So yayay!

Since I had plans tomorrow, I told them that we should catch the last train. Thank goodness for the Downtown Line, it was so easy to get back!

Happy Friday night!

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