Sunday, April 3, 2016

Five years in Singapore...

Today is my fifth year in Singapore! *applause applause* LOL!

I can't believe it's already been five years. Hmm, I think I've been a good foreigner in my adopted country the past five years. And I'm grateful for the experience/lesson.

I fell in love with Singapore in 2008, as I wrote in one of my blog posts then.

It took me three years before I finally got to make the move to Singapore.

All these became possible thanks to the help of a lot of friends - Chris, who passed my resume to Wiley HR; Rej and Tey, who helped me fly to SG for interviews (I had to fly THREE times!!!); Mr. and Mrs. B and MonRich, who adopted me on my first month of living in SG; Stephie, who also helped me fly to SG; MkSurf8, who helped me move to a new place, to name a few. Thank you to these kindhearted and generous friends!

Salamat, Singapura

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