Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday night karaoke...

Tonight, I did something I haven't done in such a long time - karaoke!

Earlier during the week, Bernard messaged if I was interested to join him and Miru for karaoke. I was feeling much better this morning, so I had no excuse not to go. Besides, I really missed karaoke. Haha!

We went to Teo Heng at Rendezvous Hotel. It wasn't bad at all. The songs were updated. The rooms don't reek of that usual KTV smell. It was very affordable. Jackie also joined us. For 4 people and three hours, we only paid $8 each. That was also because Bernard had a free one hour. Not bad at all, not bad at all.

The boys sang and I sang a mix of songs - Chinese, dialect songs, English songs. I sang one Tagalog song. I also sang Teresa Teng's I Only Care About You because of Addicted. Haha!

It was also such a nice surprise to see that songs from Madonna's Rebel Heart album were already available. I got to sing Joan of Arc and Rebel Heart! Yay!

What a nice Sunday night.

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