Thursday, October 13, 2011

A cupcake surprise...

Rach and I got a really sweet surprise earlier from work buddies Sylvia and Jeremy. (The four of us started in Wiley on the same day. We were groupmates during the pre-work training. Sylvia and Jeremy are two of my first non-Filipino friends here in SG.)

Anyway, tomorrow is Rachel's birthday, and mine is some time next week. Hehe!

Sylvia sent out a group message inviting everyone to tea break.

When Rach and I reached the pantry, we were both surprised to see several cupcakes that formed the words Happy Birthday R & A.

It was really, really sweet of them. It certainly reminds me of the surprise bdays things we have in Smart back then. Awww...

(Group photo above was from our training days last April. Wow, feels like it was so loong ago. Haha!)

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