Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Monday cheese...

Thinking about the Saturday night dinner party still brings a smile to my face.

In particular, I smile when I recall that part where the "oldies" in the group (me, Pg Guy, Alexie, Paula and Chris) left the "kiddies" on their own and headed out for a breath of fresh air.

We went to the verandah and took our place at the deserted table and benches. It was already close to 10, so there weren't any other people besides us.

The weather that night was pretty nice. It wasn't humid at all. There was a breeze of wind every so often. We had the full moon in view. A number of stars dotted the dark skies.

Alexie placed the quarter-filled bottle of tequila on the table, along with a bag of chips. Chris sat beside Alexie, Pau sat on the other bench, Pg Guy say beside me.

And for the next few hours, we just talked about pretty much whatever came to mind. Work. Living in Singapore. And so on.

I loved it when Pg Guy put his arm around my shoulder. (Usually, it would be me who'd do that.) I loved it that none of my friends were repulsed by it, or showed surprise upon seing that display of action. After all, it's not everyday you see a guy lovingly put his arm around another guy. It seemed like the most natural thing.

I hope there would be more instances like this.

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