Friday, October 21, 2011

Three decades later...

Three decades later, the same question still pops in my head around this time of the year.

Good friend Chris shared this John Meyer song with me. Uhm, could pretty much relate to it (except for the quarter-life crisis part, I'm done with that. Haha!)

Because, yeah, grateful as I am for everything that's been going on right now..

... I [still] wonder sometimes...
About the outcome...
Of a still verdictless life...
Am I living it right...

32 in a few.


  1. ok lang if you're living it wrong. at least, you're living it! choz!

  2. teh! what if am i living it right the wrong way? or living it wrong the right way?

    hehe! labo! :P

  3. whether you're right or wrong, does it matter?

  4. tama ka, teh! the important thing is you live it! :P award! :P

  5. coz we are living in a material world... ay mali ang song ko. dahil kasi sa word na "living" hahaha.

    keri lang yan. wala namang perfect. ienjoy mo lang mr morales. :)