Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New pair of running shoes... bday gift to self...

Over dinner last night, running buddy and good friend Ian told us about the Royal Sports House warehouse sale happening today.

I've been looking for a new good pair of running shoes to replace my Adidas pair, but I haven't been able to allot a budget for it. I found a brand new pair of New Balance being sold online, but I wasn't too keen on the design. It looked exactly like the ones issued to guys who undergo NS here.

Despite having only four hours of sleep, I managed to get up at 8AM and meet Ian along Macpherson Road by 9:30AM. The sale begins at 10AM at Wisma Gulab and we wanted to be there early. It was actually a good idea. By the time Ian and I made it to the venue, there was already a queue outside.

The gates opened 15 minutes before 10, but we still had to wait just outside the tents for the clock to strike ten. There was already a crowd all eager and hungry for a good buy. Ian and I had to come up with a strategy to make sure we get what we wanted. Haha! I could feel the pressure, the intensity and the competition. Haha!

As soon as the RSH people opened the sale, people just dashed to the goods. I saw the area for New Balance, and went straight there. Luckily, all the others took their time at the brands that were near the entrance.

I saw a few pairs of NB that I wanted. A few minutes later, Ian showed up and I consulted him which one to get. He pointed a specific pair. I asked for a size 10, and I think it was meant for me because I was able to get a pair. Woohoo!

I held on to the box, as if I were carrying an expensive piece of jewelry. Haha! I went around to check the other brands to see if there were any good buys. I wanted to get some Vans but ended up not getting the pair. I told myself I must stick to my budget. Haha!

An hour later, Ian and I met up again and sorted our goods. I ended up just sticking to the pair of shoes. He ended up buying just two pair of shoes.

Still, the goodies we got were a steal. Ian was able to get two pairs of Lacoste for below $100. The pair I got was $49. It was already a very good deal because I saw that the original price was $235!!! Had I been at the mall, I would think twice, thrice before I really shell out that kind of money for a pair of shoes.

It was a very good trip to the warehouse sale. So thankful Ian invited me. So glad I found a pair. It's my birthday gift to myself already.


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