Monday, October 24, 2011

Four nationalities, one funny moment...

I thought I'd write about one of the funny moments PG Boy and I had with one of our good friends a couple of weeks ago.

When PG Boy and I decided to make things official, we didn't really announce it to the entire world. I asked him if he's told anyone and he said he's told two of his closest friends. On the other hand, I was slowly telling people about us.

After that very short-lived moment with this other guy, I thought I'd keep things to myself first. It was also the advice of friend Ian - to just enjoy the new development first before sharing it to everyone else.

Anyway, it was a Saturday night. PG Boy invited me to dinner with his best friend and our common friend Andi. PG Boy's best friend of course knew about us already. I wasn't sure about Andi. It was an interesting mix that night - Filipino, Singaporean, Malaysian-Chinese and Indonesian-Chinese. Our group was pretty much like an ASEAN meeting. Hehe.

Following dinner at the Korean restau in Esplanade, we headed to MBS where we had dessert and coffee at High Society. (Btw, the cupcakes here weren't that good. At $7 a pop, I thought it wasn't worth it. The cupcakes at this Tanjong Katong bake shop tastes much better).

While we were tasting the assorted sweets we ordered, Andi turned to me and said, "Hey, Angelo. I heard you have an Indonesian partner."

I looked at Andi and said, "Oh, Andi. No, he's Malaysian."

Andi replied, "Really?! Because I remember PG Boy saying you're dating an Indonesian guy."

PG Boy stepped in and helped clarify things. "No, he had an Indonesian partner."

I told Andi how I felt it was best to end things with the Indonesian guy after realizing that I'm not really wired for long-distance relationships.

Andi replied, "Oh, alright. That was fast. And where's this Malaysian guy?"

I replied, "He's here, Andi."

"Oh, so he's working in Singapore?!" replied Andi.

"No, Andi. He's here." I said making sure I emphasized the word "here."

Andi had a puzzled look on his face for about half a minute. When it finally dawned on him what I meant, the four of us just broke into laughter.

PG Boy's best friend said, "I wanted to kick Andi for him to realize it, but he was just too far away."

It was definitely the highlight of that evening, at least for me. Up to now, thinking about that moment brings a smile to my face.


  1. funny!!! hahaha. congrats mr morales. ikaw na ang may foreigner partner. i knew it!!! tama ang hula ko. LELS. love lurve lurve. :)

  2. Hahaha! Thanks, thanks, Jepoypoy! :) Hehe! Actually, di pa kumpleto iyong kwento. :)

    Ikaw din may utang na kwento sa kin. :)