Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday dinner cum meeting the work friends...

Good friend from work Rach celebrated her birthday last Saturday with a dinner party at her house.

I was really looking forward to attending the dinner party because I knew that Filipino food will be served. Hehe! Add to that the sinful sweet creations of another friend from work Alexie.

Aside from celebrating a good friend's birthday, the Saturday night event was also extra memorable for me because it was the first time Pg Guy will meet my friends from work.

Initially, Pg Guy was a bit hesitant about going primarily because it might be a Filipino-speak party. But I assured him that things will be okay, that my friends are warm and would def make him feel at home. I also told him that Chris will be there so he has two people he can talk to. Hehe.

I'm glad that Pg Guy was game enough to go because the whole thing turned out really well.

He mixed well with my close friends from work. He seemed to have enjoyed the food. We were supposed to leave early to catch a movie, but ended up staying late. Haha!

The best part: my friends thought he was really nice and they liked him.

Parang birthday ko na din tuloy sa saya.


  1. so ginagawa mo kong pain kay PG boy teh? More chika more fun? haha

  2. Hahaha! :) Teh, alam ko namang maaasahan ka sa mga chika moments dahil Ms Congeniality ka (as long as wala kang period. Hehe!).