Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Checking out the Hermes Gift of Time exhibit...

After a back-to-back Body Pump and Body Combat class at Capital Tower last Saturday, I headed down to the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station to check out the Hermes Gift of Time exhibit.

The railway station, which ceased operations last year and has since been usually closed to the public, is the venue for Hermes' traveling exhibit.

The exhibit was set up at the main area where the ticket counters used to be. A mini-museum of sorts with 7 rooms of installation art was erected in the middle of the hall.

Conceptualizing the exhibit was American artist Hilton McConnico.

Upon your entry to the second room labeled "Free Time", you will be given a small pouch for you to place your watch or phone or any timepiece. The idea is so that you can take your time to appreciate the exhibit.

My favorite room has to be the "Stroke of Time." In it, one will find a huge cat mosaic staring at a caged parrot in the middle of the room. Both the cat and the parrot are made up of recycled pieces of Hermes leather. It was really brilliant.

The concept of the room has something to do about freeing time. In the same room, two Hermes pieces are on display.  One is from the 1920s, while the other is from the 1990s. Both pieces still look great.

I was planning to do just a quick stop at the exhibit, because I had to head back to Tampines and meet up with Pg Boy but I ended up spending more than an hour at the exhibit space. Haha!

Good exhibit to visit if you wany to kill time or if you want to appreciate the Gift of Time.

The exhibit runs until 12 August 2012, 11am – 9pm daily. Entrance is free.

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