Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pinoy food place at East Coast Road...

For OFWs in the Eastern side of the island who are having a craving for Pinoy food, there's a food place along East Coast Road to head to.

Yesterday, Richie messaged around 5PM to ask if I was up for dinner with him and Mon. He said he was craving for Pinoy food.

When I got the message, I had just reached Tampines station and was on my way to the bus interchange to head back to Pg Boy's place.

Rich said he was still at Marina Square and that he and Mon would be free to meet 7 plus.

Uhm, I just spent almost the entire day in the central area (gym + the Hermes exhibit) and I wasn't really up for making the trip back to the city again. Hehe! I know, I know - lazy.

I suggested to Rich that maybe we can have dinner in the East and that I'll tell Pg Boy about it.

Thanks to one of the many food sites, Rich discovered Leonardo's Place at East Coast Road. (But according to several sites, it was formerly called Pinoy Cuisine.)

Great I thought. It wasn't too far from Tampines and it was right across i12 Katong.  The best thing was there was a direct bus from Pg Boy's place to Parkway Parade, which was the street next to East Coast Road.

By 7:30, Pg Boy and I were walking along the stretch of East Coast Road to look for the place.

The look and feel of Leonardo's Place was quite similar to its neighbouring restaus. It was simple and relaxed.

Rich and Mon had just ordered when we arrived - Pinakbet, Tortang Talong, Ginataang Sitaw, and the main star of the night - Crispy Pata. Hehe! We just decided to add Chicken Adobo for Pg Boy.

I'm really glad that they were able to make the Crispy Pata just like how it would be cooked back in the Philippines. I've tried the Crispy Pata at the Kopitiam in Novena, but it's not as good as this one. The only thing that could have been better was the Tortang Talong. I think they forgot about that order. When we reminded the wait staff about it, they probably decided to rush cooking the dish. Not a very good result.

But everything else was enjoyable. Pg Boy tried the veggie dishes, and he ended up liking Pinakbet more than the Ginataang Sitaw.

The food was great and reasonably priced. I think we paid about $15 per person for the feast that we had. Not bad, eh?

From Leondardo's Place, we walked towards Joo Chiat for dessert at Awfully Chocolate. Hehe!

Twas definitely a happy Saturday night.

Leonardo's Place
43 East Coast Rd  Singapore 428764
6344 9096

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