Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back on the mat...

After a year or so of not praticing yoga, I'm back on the mat.

I've finally found yoga class schedules to fit my schedule. Hehe!

So far, I've been successful at attending classes twice a week - one Gentle Yoga and one Hot Flow. However, I still have to get myself to attend the Thursday morning Hatha Yoga class.

Argh! So far, I have been unsuccessful. I would always wake up at 6AM and it is just too late to get to the gym by 7.

However, I am happy because I've been able to fit the morning workout on three out of the five work days. Monday morning is for Combat. Yeah, Combat at 7AM. Tuesday is for Gentle Flow. Wednesday is for Body Pump.

I have been enjoying the morning classes a lot because 1.) the classes are not packed at all. There is room to kick, to stretch, to lift; 2.) I feel energized almost the entire day (I would only feel sleepy when I have an unclean lunch. Haha!); 3.) I feel that I'm able to maximise my day.

Going to the gym for 7AM classes means zzz-ing by 1130 at the latest. It's okay though. Since I moved to SG, staying awake past midnight has always been a challenge. Hehe! And I tell you, PG Boy will tell you, I have no problems zzz-ing at 11PM or at 10PM. Hehe! It's a gift.

Back to yoga, I hope to be able to keep attending the classes. Being away from the mat for more than a year has made me less limber again. Huhu! I just want to be able to do a bakasana. I'm not even aiming for a headstand. Hehe.

Oh well...

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