Monday, September 9, 2013

Next to Normal at Drama Centre Theatre...

Even though I've seen it in Manila a few years back, I still had to see Next to Normal here in Singapore. Hehe!

I told myself, "What you saw was the Manila production. Why not check out how the Singapore production will be."

But seriously, I really intended to watch it. One, because I want to show some love and support to locally staged productions. Two, because I want to see Adrian Pang (Nathan Hartono, Julia Abueva) on stage again. Three, because I really liked the songs of N2N. (I've yet to find a musical that I don't really like. Eeep!)

I thought the production was generally great. Sally Ann Triplett who played Diana Goodman and Julia Abueva who played Natalie both shined throughout the show. The two ladies were the real stars of the production.

Adrian Pang also did well, I think. I loved how he sang most of the songs. Meanwhile, I was wondering if Nathan Hartono was feeling under the weather. His voice sounded different during the show. You know how people's voices change when they have colds or sore throat, right? That's what I was wondering about Nathan's voice. And for a few seconds, I worried for him that he might not hit the notes.

Still, it was an enjoyable show which is worth watching. Even if you dun find it fantastic, just remember that you're helping the local theatre industry (which imho needs help after seeing the size of the audience that attended the matinee show yesterday. =( Huhu!)

We can't just support the shows staged at MBS, guys.

Next to Normal is running until 22 September at the Drama Centre Theatre (National Library).

Catch it lah.

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