Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another great Saturday night...

Just a quick writeup.

Morning to afternoon of Saturday was quite uneventful. PG Boy and I just stayed home watching TV, talking, reading our own books, and cooking breakkie and lunch.

Late afternoon, I dragged him to the gym since I wanted to do Combay at Cathay. This was followed by a trip to LP since I had to send some money.

Saturday evening til Sunday morning(!!!) was the happening one. Hehe!

In the evening, PG Boy and I met up with two of his best friends for their Chinese New Year dinner. Surprisingly, ion Orchard was not crowded at all. We were all wondering where the people were.

At the same time, we were quite grateful since that meant shorter queueing time at the restaus.

We settled for dinner at Imperial Treasure and coffee/dessert at The Marmalade Pantry. Both food places had good food and were reasonably placed. I think though that DTF still has the best xiao long bao. Hehe!

From ion, I headed back to the weekend home to shower and change for what would turn out to be a very long night.

It was a post-CNY(?!?!) gathering with my guys. When I got home, three of PG Boy's friends were there loading up to get in the mood to party the night away. Haha!

They all asked me whether I was going out, to which I replied, "Of course lay!"

I waited for PG Boy to get back and afterwards, I headed to Farrer Park to pick up Tipz before heading to Neil Rd to meet up with the rest of the usual suspects.

Probably one of the best tugs nights ever.

We left the club around 4 and that was only because it already was closing time. Headed to Maxwell for supper before finally taking a cab to go home.

I got home at 5 plus. Guess what? I was up at 8AM(!!!) WTF, yeah?! Haha!

Anyway, it was another epic night.


  1. come to think of it, it didnt feel like it was closing time when it actually was. maybe i had too much to drink but usually i get the inkling to go 10 minutes before actual closing time to avoid the rush of people haha. It was super fun!!!! till MAY!! haha is that when we will go again? hahaha

    1. i really wish they would close at 5AM instead. haha! super fun indeed! Maybe May? :P