Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Short lift ride with a chatty uncle...

Work has been quite crazy these past few days/weeks.

I'm not sure when things will normalise again. LOL!

In any case, busy is good. Someone once told me, "Idleness is the workshop of the devil."

Maybe that's why I always try to keep myself busy. Lol!

Still, I'm kinda glad that I still have time to do my volunteer activities.

Last night I had my volunteer shift at this group in Chinatown I volunteer with.

I got back at my place close to 11PM.

Just as the lift doors were closing, someone pressed the button and the doors opened again.

In came an uncle who greeted me a "Good evening."

He was going to alight at the 5th level. When the doors opened, he got into a very chatty mood. He blocks the lift doors from closing and we just talked for the next five or so minutes while the lift alarm kept on beeping and beeping. Lol!

In a span of five or so minutes, I learned his name, stuff about his family, where he's been, what he did for work, how he spent some time in the Philippines, and so on. He also advised me to find myself a nice girl, get married. Lol! Kalurkey!

Finally, we bid each other good night and I guess he sensed that I was just really tired.

It was a good ending to the day though.

Although I take the lift everyday, rarely do I get to chat with any of my neighbours. The only one I usually get to greet is our next door neighbour and that was because I would always greet the aunty or wave and smile when I bump into her.

Nice to know there are friendly people in my block. Hehe!

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