Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back at MacRitchie for the TreeTop Walk...

When I said that I want to be back at MacRitchie for another walk, I didn't think it would be as soon as the last weekend. Haha!

A few days before Sunday, Mr. Lim messaged me about going back to MacRitchie. This time though, we would be doing the treetop walk.

I tried to get out of it by reminding him that the last walk was almost 13 kilometres and that didn't even include the treetop walk yet.

Mr. Lim replied by saying that there was a shortcut to the treetop walk.

Why didn't I think of that? Haha! I forgot that at one point, we actually reached the road leading to the Singapore Island Country Club. So, surely there was a shortcut to the treetop walk.

I wanted PG Boy to go along with us since we didn't get to spend much time that weekend.

After telling him that the walk will only be for about an hour and a half, that there is a shortcut to the treetop walk, that it won't be too hot as the path is shaded with trees, and most important of all, that we will meet Mr. Lim at 9:45AM, PG Boy agreed to go.

Mr. Lim picked us up from Potong Pasir and then we made our way to MacRitchie.

Our walk this time was much shorter.

The HSBC TreeTop Walk itself is about 250 metres in length. It is quite an adventure crossing the narrow free-standing suspension bridge.

Though a short walk, what I love about it is that it gives a fantastic bird's eye view of the surrounding forest and a wonderful panoramic view of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Definitely worth a visit.

Do check out this blog to get an idea of the trail/path we took last Sunday.

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