Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another late night...

As expected, it was another sorta late night tonight. Haha!

I met up with my ex-Smart colleague-turned-PRU AVP Reena at Grand Hyatt for a quick chat.

Prior to heading down to the city, I popped by Ikea Alexandra to get some stuff for Tey, Rhyz and Moneigh.

Knowing that Reena was going to be in town, I checked with the girls what they wanted. I kinda expected the reply - Ikea chocolates! And this time, there was also a request for the chocolate butterscotch spread. I didn't know Ikea had it. I'm guessing it's similar to the Speculoos spread(?).

Since I was already at Ikea, I decided to have my dindin there. Luckily, there was no major queue at the cafe. I was quickly able to get the dinner of pasta and meatballs which I really wanted to have. Yay!

Done with dinner and buying the pasalubong, I walked over to the nearby bus stop and took 14 to the city.

Reena and I didn't get to spend much time chatting. She was in the middle of work and couldn't leave her colleagues.

Still, it was really good to see her. Always happy to see a familiar face.

In other news, few more days to 9 April!!! Woooohooo!!!

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