Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Few more hours before holiday...

Few more hours and I can officially say I am on vacation.

Whooptidoo! As one person said... hehe!

The holiday trip will be a lot of firsts:

- First time to have a two-week holiday
- First time to fly via Emirates and via KLM
- First time to experience a long haul flight
- First time to take a high-speed train to cross countries
- First time to travel out of Asia

Really grateful to be able to do this trip.

As I was telling PG Boy, nevere did I even think that I would one day be going on a trip like this.

So I'm really, really grateful for this blessing.


  1. yay! i just realized we never got to travel hahaha maybe next time next year or whenever or wherever we will be, we can do south america! :)) or india...but i have to bring canned goods for food lol