Sunday, April 27, 2014

Which HD to purchase...

I've been meaning to buy a new external hard drive.

At the moment, I am using a Lacie x Philippe Starck hard drive. It has been with me for four years now and I have had no problems with it whatsoever. The performance is very good. It has earned my trust. It is incomparable to the WD Elements I had which crashed in less than a year. Along with the death of the latter were my music files, my movies, my series. Thankfully, my photos were not stored there as I would have really gone into depression. Lol. Touch wood.

I promised I would never buy WD ever again. I swore to just use Lacie.

While jalan jalan at Wheelock earlier, I found not just one but a number of Lacie models available at Epicentre Wheelock.

The price range was within my budget.

What I need to decide on now is whether to get a portable one or a desktop model. The desktop model I've been eyeing is 2TB and the price is just right. The portable ones are cheaper by about $30 but they are only 1TB.

My thought is I'll get the 2TB desktop model and make it my main storage drive. I'll then use the existing 500GB as the portable one for times that I need to copy files or so.

I dunno. It does make sense, yeah?


  1. i also have two (or 3 but the third one is old and gross). one for something that's just at home for my torrents and pictures, and the other one for portability (mostly for work). haha, but my photos are also in icloud - or the ones there after I bought a 50GB subscription.

    1. Unfortunately, friend, 50GB is not enough for all my photos. Lol. I'll adopt your HD setup. :-)

    2. hahaha friend, siyempre hindi yun yung main backup ko lol. theyre all in the HD i dont move around to prevent wear and tear. mahirap na maalog alog ang HD haha