Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Back lah in Singapore...

Arrived this afternoon in Singapore from Europe.

For the past twelve days, I took 6 flights, three inter-city train rides, dunno how many metro/bus/tram rides and walked dunno how many thousand kilometres in four countries around Europe. Hmm, make that five since Vatican is technically separate from Italy.

What was just initially supposed to be a week in Rome and Vatican became an Amsterdam-Rome-Vatican-Amsterdam-Brussels-Cologne-Amsterdam trip. Haha!

It's been an awesome trip! I've got 4,700 plus photos to prove how awesome it was. Haha!

I need to find the time and the energy to sort the photos. I need to find the time and the energy to write about the experience.

For now, I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow, it's back to work and I am dreading the amount of emails I have to face. Haha!

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