Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Busy nights this week...

This is the third night this week that I am heading back this late. Haha!

Monday night, I went for a late evening class. Last night, I went for some pre-holiday errands with Tipz.

Tonight, I met up with Mon and Richie.

What was supposed to be just a dinner became dinner + coffee + hours of chikahan.

And I wasn't rushing to head back as I know we'd usually be done by 10ish. That and because I dun have a gym class to attend tomorrow morning.

Richie suggested we have dindin at Jollibee. I was more than up for it since I dun get to eat that often at Jollibee.

Since I had time to kill before dindin, I went around Ion for some more pre-trip errands. I should already be okay in the clothing department now. Haha!

From Ion, I headed to LP to meet up with Rich who was already queueing. Thankfully, the wait wasn't that long. Mon arrives just as Richie was done ordering our food. Yay!

From LP, we headed to next door Paragon for coffee and dessert. I had my second macchiato for the day! Yikes!

While chatting among ourselves, we were also chatting with the gang in Manila. Great how the physical distance between Manila and SG is bridged by technology. Hehe.

It's always a happy time to meet up with Mon and Richie as we never seem to run out of things to talk about. Convo just flows naturally. It's a blessing to have that kind of friendship/relationship.

Tomorrow is going to be another late night. Meeting up with friend/former colleague Reena who's in town for a night.

Whew! Busy calendar this week. Haha!

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