Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The bambino who got a kiss from Papa Francesco...

I guess I should start writing about the recently concluded Europe trip.

Hmm, I'l probably begin with one of the highlights during the Rome/Vatican leg of the trip.

PG Boy and I woke up very early for the Papal Audience gathering. While I am used to waking up at ungodly hours, it was a huge challenge for PG Boy to wake up at 5AM. I'm really glad that he got up to join me for the gathering.

Thankfully, our place was within walking distance to Piazza San Pietro. We left the place close to 630 and reached the piazza 10 minutes later.

As expected, a queue was already forming.

By 7, the security started letting people in to the barricaded area. I rushed to one of the front rows close to the centre aisle. I thought surely the Pope will pass by this area.

Hours later, the crowd had swelled to tens of thousands. We were really grateful we followed the tip of my friend Krissie to be at the piazza really early.

Finally, the most awaited moment came.

While anticipating the Pope mobile to pass by our area, a group of people behind me called my attention. They probably realised I had a good spot. I thought they were going to ask to stand in my spot and I was more than ready to say no. Lol! I dunno if and when I'll see the Pope up close again; there was no way I was going to give up my spot.

One of the ladies spoke to me in Italian. I replied saying I do not understand Italian. She then just pointed to her son and said, "Bambino."

When I saw that the Pope mobile was approaching, I took the boy and raised him high. It was very Mufasa and Simba in Lion King. Haha! I was too starstruck though. I don't remember ever yelling "Papa Francesco!" The next thing I know, one of the Pope's security took the little boy from me and brought him over to the Pope.

The photo above shows what happened next.

When the security guy brought back the kid to me, I took the clueless kid and returned him to his mom. What followed was the entire group all smiling at us, patting me on the shoulder and saying continuously, "Bravo! Bravo!"

Today, I emailed the photo to the mom. I never even got her name. I just got her email address. Above was the reply I got.

Thankfully, PG Boy was able to capture the moment on cam. Without a doubt, it was really a huge thing for the family.

I'm glad PG Boy and I were of help.

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