Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I love you, Papa Francesco...

Seeing Papa Francesco up close, attending the Papal Audience during Holy Week and receiving a blessing from the Holy Father himself are definitely the highlights not just of the Euro trip but of the entire 2014. I would go so far as saying that if I breathed my last that day, I would have left this world with a huge smile on my face. Haha! (Still, I am grateful to the Lord for not calling me back just yet or else I would have missed Brussels and Cologne. Hehe!)

Describe the experience in one word? Grateful. Extremely grateful. I’m grateful to uni friend Krissie for her tips on how to have a good spot at the audience. I am grateful that the accomms we got was a short walk to Piazza di San Pietro. I am grateful to Mon for helping us get tickets via his Lola. I am extremely grateful to Alex for waking up early even though he is not a morning person. I am grateful that we were blessed with gorgeous blue skies that day. I am grateful for finding the voice to stand my ground against one “holy” person who tried to take my spot. I am grateful to the family who asked me to carry their bambino so that the Pope can kiss him as a Lolo would his grandson. I am grateful that the Pope’s blessing extended to my family.

The experience was definitely one for the books.