Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunday at the Gardens...

Sunday morning, I went for one of the easiest nature walks I've ever done. Haha!

Following breakkie at our usual place at Bishan, Mr. Lim and I drove to the Botanic Garden.

I've been to the historic garden a few times. After our walk that morning, I realised that there were still several parts of the gardens that I haven't explored.

Also, it was quite a good walk since we were able to roam around for about two hours. If it weren't for the sudden downpour, I'm sure we would have kept on walking around. Haha!

The garden has a rich history. I'm not too familiar with it but it has been around since the 1800s. Singapore has to thank Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles for the gardens. It was his idea in the 1822 to have a botanic and experimental garden.

However, the garden was established in its present site in 1859 long after the death of Raffles.

Anyway, I think I'll bring Mom to the gardens when she comes over this September. We can go for a stroll around the park before heading to Dempsey Hill for brunch. Hehe!

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