Sunday, June 22, 2014

Loooong day at the other side of the Causeway...

What a looong day today turned out to be!

Just got back a few minutes ago. I'm just resting a bit before I shower. Afterwards, I'm going to hit the sack immediately. Wo hen lei!

I was supposed to go see MkSurf8, RKGreg and the other guys tonight but the trip to JB took so much longer than I expected. And even if the spirit was willing, the flesh is already so Lola. Haha!

Today was my scheduled appointment with Dr. Tan of Advanced Dental Surgery at JB. Dr. Tan was the one who did the crowning for my molar that had to go through RCT. I was very happy with his service. His clinic is very impressive. The staff are all pleasant and hospitable. How can I not stick with this clinic?

My appointment was at 2PM. Thinking that 2.5 hours should be enough for me to get to the clinic, I decided to leave Singapore by 11:30. Mr. Lim decided to join me at the trip to the other side of the Causeway as he wanted to get a massage and have dinner as well. Bryan also joined us much later as he had work until 5PM. It was really nice of him to go through the trouble of going all the way to JB for dinner.

Going back, 2.5 hours weren't enough to get to the other side of the Causeway. Everything that could go wrong this noontime just went wrong.

By the time I reached the clinic, it was already 2:40ish. I already expected Dr. Tan would not be able to see me so I was content with just setting up a new appointment.

A few minutes of waiting and his assistant told me I can come back after an hour. Woohooo! He really is the best!

Today may not have started out very well but it certainly got better and better. Just glad that I was able to do the things that I wanted to do at JB. I wish I had the energy to go out tonight but my eyelids are closing even as I type this. Haha!

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