Sunday, June 1, 2014

Curry fish head and Tiramisu Hero...

Yesterday, my friend Bernice was supposed to fly in to SG for a night before flying off to Bangkok today for work.

We were both excited for her trip since we haven't seen each other in ages. She was supposed to host us in Amsterdam but having accepted a job in Timor Leste, she had to move out of A'dam much earlier.

Since this was her first trip out of Timor Leste since moving there last April, she was pretty much looking forward to it. I had already thought of where to bring her for dinner and dessert.

Over breakfast, I received a WhatsApp message saying that flights were canceled due to a volcano that erupted in Indonesia. (I guess there was a no fly zone? I just wonder why the flight path couldn't have been diverted?)


She did however get a flight for today, but that meant flying to SG and a connecting flight to BKK.

With no Bernice in town, PG Boy and I decided to just watch X Men (which I found plodding). Movie was followed by dinner and coffee with PG Boy's best friend.

We headed to one of the curry fish head places in Geylang and then moved to Boon Keng for dessert at The Tiramisu Hero.

I sent photos of the curry fish head to Bernice and told her that it was supposed to be our dinner. Haha!

She'll just have to wait a week then. :)

In other news, I can't believe it's already June!!!

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