Friday, May 30, 2014

June is almost here...

I can't believe June is almost here.

2014 is happening too fast. Slow down a bit, will you? Unless that thing on my mind is going to happen soon, then by all means hurry up already 2014. Haha!

Since work has not been so busy these past few days, I finally found the time to start sorting the photos from the Rome + Vatican leg of the recent Euro trip.

The Rome albums - yes, albums - are taking quite some times since I'm going through a thousand over photos. Haha!

During the trip, I was a bit undecided on how I felt about Rome. To be clear, I am referring only to Rome. The Vatican experience is a completely separate story. Hehe!

As I go through the photos now, I am now really seeing how beautiful and historic the city is.

I told PG Boy this. He replied, "Yeah, until you get back there again." Lol! I'm quite sure the second time would be much better.

One more good thing about the Europe trip was that it made me want to go on another big trip next year. With my limited resources, a decision needs to be made between New York and Paris+Bruges+Ghent. I'm really leaning towards the latter. It's the thought about the museums (The Cloisters at the MET!) and Broadway that's making me think of New York.

Besides, I have a US visa that has never been used. It's expiring in 6 years. I should use it soon.

Another consideration is the plan to take up some courses. That's certainly a factor in the financial planning for 2015.

Who knows? I might strike gold this year. Haha! Wish ko lang.


  1. lets go on december! :) free accoms ka na sa west coast hahaha im sure my sister wont mind letting us stay hahaha hopefully if things go well ill properly enjoy snow both in west and east coast! :) lets goooo!!!!

    1. Haha! I wish, friend! Going back to Phils in Dec for a wedding.