Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My baby bro is a boss...

Earlier, I read the FB post of my kid bro about needing courage and hoping that he is doing the right thing.

Active imagination that I have, I wondered whether the day I am fearing is about to arrive.

I replied to my bro's post urging him to iMessage or email me. The email came in the afternoon.

Thankfully, it wasn't news that he's about to get married. Nor did he propose to his girlfriend. Yah! Sigh of relief. Hehe!

He is too young to get married.

Anyway, it turns out that he has some really wonderful news to share.

For some reason, he said he was shy to tell me that he is going to have his own food place this June. He has been thinking about it. He has been planning for it. And I dunno how long it's been going, but it turns out he's been busy executing this plan/dream of his.

I quickly gave him a call to ask for more details. He said that it's a small place that can serve about 10-15 people. He said he's eyeing more takeouts than dine-in customers. He said he already got the rent and salary of his staff for the next two months covered. He said his target customers are students and workers from a nearby school and factory. He said he already checked out the competition.

Wow! I am deeply impressed. He does know what he is talking about.

But as with any business startup, he could use some help with some fees. Lol!

He told me how much he needed and thankfully, I have a bit of extra cash that I can loan him.

Needless to say, I am really one proud Kuya.

My brother who is ONLY 24 is already a budding entrepreneur!

What was I doing when I was 24? I was partying in Malate and... lol!

Wait, no. That was also the time my friends and I put up ICON magazine. We were just a simple of group of friends complaining there was no magazine that catered to our market. The next thing we know, we were already publishing our first issue. Haha!

We all got to start somewhere. And I am really proud of my bro for being courageous and daring to start his own business.