Saturday, May 3, 2014

Japanese din din for Friday night...

Just got back.

I planned to do my laundry tonight, but I decided to just do it tomorrow morning.

It's been such a long day and I feel so tired. I don't know if it's because of the heat or if it's an effect of the recent things happening at work. Either way, I would just like to zzz tonight. Haha.

After work, I went to Triple One Somerset for dinner with PG Boy and two of his closest friends.

We went to this Japanese restau called Fukuichi. Surprisingly and thankfully, we didn't have to queue at all to get a table. (Could it be because Triple One is not really a mall so there aren't as many people who go to the building?)

I decided to just go for a set meal, which included a salad, tori karaage, miso soup and salmon on white rice. PG Boy ordered a bento set with a lot of good things in it so I just stole some of his sushi. Hehe!

It was good to see the two friend of PG Boy. Both also just got back from hols overseas. One spent a week in Hanoi, while the other one spent several days in Vienna. Most of the topics over dinner, of course, were from the trip experience.

By 10, I decided to leave the trio because I was hoping I would still have the energy to do laundry when I get back. Not. Haha!

By the time I reached my block, PG Boy just messaged that he was also home. He was so surprised that he reached home before me. I had to remind him that it was normal for me to have one-hour travel time from the centre. Lol!

It's a nice Friday night. It would be nicer if the weather would be similar to Amsterdam's though. Too much wishing.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining
#02-11/12 Triple One Somerset
T: +65 6271 5586 / 6472 8269
Opening hours
Daily: 11.30am to 3pm & 5.30pm to 12 midnight

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