Thursday, May 1, 2014

About Amsterdam: Part 1...

A man engaged to be married, meets another woman (or man, whichever floats your boat) on the eve of the marriage, and realises he loves her more than the person he is about to marry.

That was how I felt about Amsterdam and Rome.

When the idea of Europe came to mind late last year, it was clear to me that what I really wanted to visit were Rome and more importantly, the Vatican. If these were the only places I got to visit for this Europe trip, I would be completely fine.

Amsterdam came into the picture when I thought of visiting good friend Bernice, who was then still living in Amsterdam and considered it to be her adopted city. After showing her my adopted city when she previously visited Singapore, we talked about how I should visit her in her adopted city.

Three days in the city at the start of the trip, followed by another two days at the latter part of the trip - that was all the time it took for Amsterdam to become a favourite city.

We arrived at Amsterdam Centraal on a late Thursday afternoon. After leaving our baggage with our Airbnb host, we made our way to the Anne Frank House. Walking to the historic home took some time. I kept on stopping every few stops to take in the surrounding that was completely new to my eyes. Being an Asian and of course, being Filipino, I had to take photos of the canal houses, the canals, the boats and so on from different angles. This was just the first day.

To be continued...


  1. friend! inggit!!! its so picturesque and uniquely Holland-ish. where are the windmills?! lol. the last picture looks like youre about to get it by a train!

    1. friend, i saw some of your trip photos! so picturesque din kaya! :) lol @ the last photo. true!

      the windmills are for another entry. ;)

    2. hahaha but they all look the same. portugal, spain and barcelona hahaha, the architecture in holland seems different. I made a mistake sa europe adventure ko pala. hahaha i was only informed by Stephen that Ireland is part of Schengen pala so dapat Dublin next destination ko before I can italy or france lol ;) :)