Monday, May 5, 2014

About Amsterdam: Part 3...


A day before going back to the Nanyang region, we spent a beautiful Sunday morning in the panoramic Zaanse Schans. A neighbourhood in Zaandam, the village outside of Amsterdam is home to windmills, traditional crafts, museums, and a dining place that serves good Dutch pancakes.

Zaanse Schans only reinforced one thing that was already clear to me - I will retire in the countryside (and run a B&B?).

The things I wrote about here, here and here are among the best experiences of the Amsterdam leg of the trip.

Aside from these, the leisurely walk around the canal streets, a walk in Vondelpark and at the park just outside of the Rijks, a short canal cruise were the other highlights of the trip. It must also be said that the Dutch (and the Belgians) left a very good impression on me - very friendly people and helpful to tourists.

By the time we were at Schiphol waiting to board our Emirates flight back to Singapore, it was crystal clear to me that I love the city. Rome may have initially captured my heart but Amsterdam stole it away.

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  1. awww...thats such a love affair! rome especially the vatican will be jealous! haha spring is so in the air!! i wonder how it will look like there if it was fall...its my favorite season!