Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brussels on my mind...

I'm at Cathay right now and it's still a bit early to go to the gym for class.

Finally, I found the time to go through my Brussels photos and edit it down to a little over 100 photos for Facebook. Haha!

Brussels was another city I fell in love with. I think the trip also made it clear that I like small, clean cities. At least that was what PG Boy told me.

People say a day in Brussels is enough. Just like they say 2 days in Rome are enough. No, no, no. Haha! One has to spend certainly more than one day in Brussels (and certainly more than 2 days in Rome!).

I will definitely be back.

When I return, I want to include a day in Antwerp and two days in Bruges and Ghent.

I love you, Belgium.

1 comment:

  1. nice pictures! :)) haha i found that small cities observation funny. singapore included in that? i havent found time to see your pictures on facebook! haha show me over dinner later!