Saturday, May 24, 2014

Certainty/Entropy walkthrough at Hermes Liat Tower...

Perks of being a museum volunteer: exhibit walkthrough with the artist. Today, Japanese artist Aiko Tezuka shared her inspiration and artistic process for her works on display in the exhibit Certainty / Entropy.

From the walkthrough invite:

"For the latest exhibition at Third Floor - Hermès, we are featuring breathtakingly intricate works by Japanese artist Aiko Tezuka in Certainty / Entropy, held from 9 May to 27 July. For this exhibition, Tezuka has worked closely with a team of seven artisans from TextielLab/Museum in the Netherlands to conceptualise and specially produce fabrics which are being shown here in Singapore for the first time!

From medieval tapestries to fabrics intended for wear, artist Aiko Tezuka is fascinated by the stories that echo behind these beautiful creations. Certainty / Entropy is her exploration of these invisible narratives, various heritages and their motifs, and the evolving cultures in the world today. Through the act of meticulously unravelling fabrics by hand, Tezuka creates compelling compositions of loosened threads, offering a poetic transformation of industrially produced textiles into their constituent parts."

The exhibit is ongoing until 27 July at Third Floor-Hermes Liat Tower.

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