Sunday, January 24, 2016

Finding a piece of "Japan" in Bankoku...

I have a little bit more time today.

First order of the day was church. Afterwards, I went to Silom to get some stuff done at Starbucks. After that, I walked around trying to look for a salon. Hmm, I decided to be a cheapo and skipped getting a haircut. Hehe! I couldn't get myself to pay $20 for a haircut when I only $12 in Singapore.

I headed back after a quick lunch. The bed was so inviting that I ended up having a nap for about an hour. In the evening, I did a bit of exploring and ended up in Phrom Phong station. Omg, that station felt like I was in Japan. Well, not the station but the mall right outside of the station.

Seriously, it felt Ginza-ish. Hehe!

I think I'll be back next weekend...

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