Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The activity went well...

I led my first activity this afternoon and it was generally good! The volunteer manager gave good feedback (both positive and things to improve on, for which I was grateful.)

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a late night. I slept a little past midnight preparing materials for the activity this afternoon.

This morning, I was running in my head the conduct of the activity. After lunch, I was already calm and just waiting for the activity to start.

The group was an interesting one. There were Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Somali nationals in the group. It was a really small group, which made it easy to manage and run the activity.

What other people said was right! Once you get the first activity over with, it increases your confidence and encourages you to do better with the other activities.

I went home this evening with a happy smile on my face. After having my dinner, I started preparing for a second activity. However, I decided that I will not have a late night tonight.

That will be my reward for doing well this afternoon.

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