Thursday, January 7, 2016

Random blah...

I think I'm going to sleep much earlier than my usual sleeping hours tonight.

Even as I type this post, I am already yawning and my eyes are getting heavy. Haha!

The reason for this is not enough sleep last night. There are two issues that I need to close this week. One is easier because it is an Online Only journal. The other is a bit more tricky because it needs to be published both online and in print.

Since my editors for both journals are in the US, I had to stay up til 1AM so that it will be daytime in the US. I needed to send some files from the typesetter and I needed my approvals immediately. After sending the files close to midnight, I went to sleep.

I set an alarm for 2AM. Yeah, 2AM. I wanted to check if there was any reply from the editors.

Thankfully, the replies were there. The approvals were given and I could go back to sleep. Haha! The thing was I had a difficult time going back to sleep because I was already wide awake. I just lay in bed and thought about things that I needed to do before Saturday.

Today, I decided to stay at home and work from home because I needed some rest time during lunch time. Hehe.

While taking a break, I came across this song on Spotify. Jonathan Graff sang a song entitled Now. It's a breakup song but he sings it so beautifully.

I'm in love. Lol!

But before that, I need to go to sleep...

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