Sunday, January 10, 2016

Relaxed Sunday...

Today was a relaxed day.

I didn't really have any plans except for two things - I wanted to go to Mass and I wanted to go for a hot flow class.

Last night, I did a bit of research regarding the church that I wanted to visit. Apparently, while there are many churches in Bangkok, not all have an English Mass. I found one church which seemed near to Lumphini station. However, I was sure that it was not within walking distance.

The Mass was at 830. I left the house at 730. I usually arrive at church early because I want to do my other prayers.

As it turns out (and what a nice surprise again!), the church was near! It only cost me 50 baht! And the church is beautiful! I loved how it has traces of Thai architecture references. The altar itself has the feel of a Coronation room.

The service was nice. And I wasn't surprised that the choir was most Filipino. Haha!

After the Mass, I took a cab again. I told the Uncle to bring me to Lumphini MRT. Instead, he took me to Si Lom MRT! Haha! It was great though because 1.) I now know I can jog around Lumphini Park and exit at Si Lom; 2.) I didn't have to take the MRT. I can just walk to Sala Daeng for the BTS.

I had to go back to Siam and Chitlom to check out some stuff. I didn't stay long because it was too damn hot. Hahaha!

So I headed back to the apartment and rested for a bit.

Around 330, I headed out and walked to where the gym was. I figured I'll hang at Starbucks for awhile before heading to the gym. I can do some reading while I'm there.

Class was at 6PM. I was at the gym by 5PM. The gym was spacious. It has a view of the CBD (I think) and Lumphini Park. I went for the Hot Flow class. It was in Thai! Hahaha! I should've told the instructor that I can't understand Thai but I dunno. I didn't want to be a hassle to others I guess. I managed to follow the class although I wasn't as focused because I had to keep looking at my neighbor.

Still, it was good!

It was so good that I rewarded myself with a nice dinner of pad thai. Hehe! Well, it was just my second meal for the day so I guess, it's okay. ;)

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