Thursday, June 23, 2016

The last good date...

I've been a good boy for the past three months.

By good boy, I mean I haven't been on any apps, I haven't met up with anyone. All I've been doing is hang out with my couple friends or fellow single friends, work, museum, gym, and so on.

These past few weeks, I've been masturdating since MonRich were in Europe while Jon was in Japan.

While I was doing my jog earlier, one of the thoughts that came to mind was trying to recall the last time I went out on a good date. Hehe!

Since it happens rarely, only two persons come to mind - SQ Guy and Curator Guy.

If we're going to be strict about the definition of "date," then only Curator Guy would count. The thing with "SQ Guy" was more of a hang with some harmless flirtation. Hehe!

I don't even recall when the date with Curator Guy happened. It was a few months back and it only happened because there was an even which we were both interested in.

He and I have been messaging on and off for almost a year before the meetup actually happened. When it did happen, it was good because it was nice to be on a date again.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant. We went for a short walkt to the event venue. We shared an ice cream. We went for another round of dessert after the event. Throughout the night, there was easy convo and some flirting. He offered to drive me back but I refused because my place is too far. Haha!

We did hold hands. And as any proper date, ended the night with a polite kiss to say, "Thanks, I enjoyed your company."

It was, as I suspected, a one-off thing. We chatted again for the next few days. We agreed to meet up again. A day before the meetup, he said he's not feeling well. I wasn't up for it either. And the whole thing just died a natural death. There are no regrets because during the date, I already sensed some red flags. Nope, he wasn't a bad person. I just knew that it wasn't going to work out.

On the other hand, I was really happy because it was a good date. It wasn't a date that started with "Got place?" It was a date that started with "Would you like to go to this event with me?"

And although I was turned off for five seconds by the fact that he's wearing flipflops (WTF?! I took my time prepping for this time and you show up in flipflops?!), it was a night that I sincerely enjoyed. It was a night I won't mind having again soon.

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