Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friday night = Whiskey night...

I was home early yesterday. Some colleagues organised a nature walk at the Kranji Marshes. I signed up to join them since it's been some time since I last went on a nature walk.

The place was okay. It's not as rustic as Sungei Buloh. I'm glad I went for the walk though. Anyway, since Kranji is a station away from my place, I was home early. I managed to still get some work done.

There were really no plans to head out but I thought I'd check where Jon was. I messaged him and he said he was out having dinner with his housemate Lara.

He also said he wasn't really keen to go for drinks because he needed to work and he wanted to do laundry.

I told him we'll just go for one drink and that we'll catch the last train back to our side of the island.

We even set a time for going home - 1030.

One drink. 1030PM.

Haha, well, one jug of whiskey sprite became two jugs. We headed to our usual drinking place, and I managed to get the bar staff to make the mix stronger. Uhm, we're paying $48 for the jug! I dun want it diluted.

By the time we were finishing our second jug, Jon and I agreed to drop by a neighboring bar.

I should've known that already meant that we weren't getting home early. Hahaha!

Three of his friends joined us. We ordered some more whiskey sprite but man, the whiskey at this bar was really bad whiskey. It didn't take long before I got wasted. Haha!

Long story short, I slept over at Jon's place. How we both got back to his place in one piece, I'm thankful. He was just as wasted as I was. Haha!

It was a fun night though. We defo missed Tipz.

Okay, next tugs should be in August na.

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