Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Random thoughts on bags and men...

Sometimes, two of my friends Mon and I-van and I would talk about getting a forever bag. You know, it's that one bag you will use until you're old and gray... or at least, for the next decade or so. Haha!

As I grow older, I noticed that I tend to be following a "less is more" thinking when it comes to certain things. For example, my current uniform is usually a black top and navy blue pants. Except on certain days where I have to wear khaki/cream pants with a dark colored shirt, I would just usually wear a black shirt and navy blue shorts/pants. I'm trying to make it my identity, if that makes sense. In terms of brand, I'm trying (and so far I've been successful) at just acquiring a specific Japanese brand. It costs more than your usual shirt but I believe these pieces are worth it because I'm assured of the quality of work and the creativity behind it.

When it comes to bags, gone are the days when I was crazy over getting all sorts of bags. These days, I just stick to Jack Spade. The brand is affordable and the piece itself is something that would last me for years.

Recently though, I've been thinking about forever bags. Again, it's still part of the whole "less is more" thinking as I turn a year older in a few months. I'm slowly reaching that stage where I'd rather pay for an expensive piece knowing that it will last me several years (maybe even a decade) than getting something from the usual store. I don't really need another bag. What I'd go for is another good bag. And I have an idea on the ones that I'd like to have.

The other day, I asked Mon to accompany me to a particular store in Ngee Ann. This one bag has been on my mind and I'm thinking of saving for it. It will be my forever brunch/lazy day bag. Haha! I'm eyeing the one in black.

I was wondering if it's a bit girly but I know I can pull it off as I've seen other men do it. (just like the guys in the above photos which I found on the Internet).


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