Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wednesday night ASEAN hohol...

It was an enjoyable Wednesday night.

A week ago, Bernard asked me if I wanted to join him, Miru, and Jackie as they were planning to visit the pasar malam at Geylang Serai. Supposedly, there are a number of food items that are worth trying.

Initially, I thought I couldn't join them because they planned to meet at 6PM. I was knock off work at 530PM and I live all the way in the West. The pasar malam was all the way to the East.

Somehow, I managed to work out my schedule and I did end up joining the trio.

It was quite fun. There were a lot of people naturally, but I did enjoy trying out the different food items sold by various stall.

From the market, we walked to nearby One KM where we continued our conversation.

I think it was a really good convo as we didn't notice that it was already a bit late by the time we decided to head back. Haha!

Always good to see these guys. It felt like a meeting of ASEAN members since it included a Filipino, a Malaysian, an Indonesian (now Singaporean), and a Singaporean. Hehe!

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