Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Finally watching Game of Thrones...

With no new series to watch, I finally started watching Game of Thrones.

I finished the first three seasons in just a few days. That meant late nights and some unproductive mornings. Haha!

So far, it's been interesting though I can't wait for some characters to already reveal their power and might.

When GOT first came out, I did hear about it and I did try to watch an episode or two. However, I didn't follow the series because I don't really like shows that have too many characters in it. So, I decided to move on to other series.

The good thing about delaying the watching of the series is that now all eps of the first five seasons are complete. I can do marathon watching. Gone is the agony of waiting a year for the new season. Gone is the struggle to remember which character is which and who was who.

This is just similar to how I approached Downton Abbey. It was already season 4 or 5, I think when I started watching the series. I eventually fell in love with it and became such a huge fan.

As a Filipino saying goes, "Huli man at magaling, makakahabol din."

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