Friday, June 17, 2016

Dinner and dessert with visiting Richmond...

Just got back from dinner.

I rarely meet up with MonRich on a weekday evening. However, tonight we met up because of a visiting friend - Richmond.

Richmond, whom Richie knows since his university days and whom Mon and I know since early 2000, was in town for a few days with his family. He'll be flying back to the US on Saturday night. It was nice of him to ask us out to dinner.

Over dinner (at Wee Nam Kee because Richmond was craving for chicken rice) and dessert (at Robert Timms because this was our default go to for coffee and dessert), we talked about the old days - how Malate was such a fun place, how we used to be able to go on spontaneous out of town trips, and so on.

I guess one thing that stuck with us from tonight's convo was Richmond saying, "We need to create new memories!" It does make a lot of sense because we kept on harping back to the past. (Is it harping or harking? Hehe!)

Hmm, I think we have been making new memories. In fact, I think we've made tons of new memories. It's just that most of us have gone on different ways since the early to mid-2000. However, we still find ourselves at crossroads sometimes and when we do, we tend to remember the good old days. I'm not complaining though. Hehe!

Who knows when I'll see Richmond again? I'm quite sure though it would still be a fun get-together the next time we see each other.

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