Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekend with visiting friends...

The higlight of the weekend was meeting up with ex-colleagues.

Last Friday, it was with ex-colleague from Smart Steph. There are three of us ex-Smart PA peeps who are now here in Singapore - me, Arlyn, and JoAnn. I'm really glad that even though I don't work in Smart anymore, the friendship with the PA girls stays alive. Arlyn decided to bring Steph to Swee Choon for dinner. The place is always a good idea. Food is good. It's affordable. It has a local feel. It's not touristy. After feasting on dimsum, we headed to nearby City Square for dessert and more chitchat at Cocoa Colony.

Yesterday, my catchup was with ex-colleague from Magsaysay Weng. We went to Ikea Alexandra to buy some stuff followed by lunch at Anchorpoint across the street. Aside from being an ex-colleague, Weng and I went to the same university, and took up the same degree... though she is a few batches ahead. Hehe! I'm guessing being both Peyups grad is one reason why we really hit it off. Hehe!

Anyway, really glad to see these guys! My Singaporean friends always say that I have a lot of friends visiting Singapore. I always tell them it just so happens that my friends visit Singapore at the same time. I dunno why that happens. Haha! The other week, another ex-colleague from Smart and a friend from Couchsurfing days were also in Singapore. However, I didn't get to meet up with them as the invite was last minute and I already made plans for the day. Some other time, I guess...

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