Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Lucky Friday the 13th for Joy...

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My Dear Manager

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Times Plaza People

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The New Corp. Comm. Family

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French Boy Sebie and Dear Joy

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All-Around Boy: From Party Organizer to Food Server

Yesterday, I threw a "surprise" party for my manager, Joy. As I've previously mentioned, she's leaving because she wants to become a full-time mom (at least, for now). I have only worked with her for only a year, but I have really learned a lot from her and she was both a mentor and a friend.

Anyway, despite the limited resources, I was able to put together a somewhat successful going away party for my dear manager. Originally, the theme I wanted was "Stepford Wives," since Joy is now going to spend most of her time taking care of her daughter and her family. I wanted to make the party an afternoon tea party, but alas, we had limited resources.

Instead, it became a potluck party and it was quite good because the party turned out to be more fun and exciting. After getting Joy's closest colleagues to confirm, I was able to book a venue and then assigned people to bring a particular dish.

At the very last minute, I was able to think of a theme. Since it was Friday the 13th, the party theme sort of was a la "Practical Magic." One of the highlights of the afternoon program was reading "good luck" messages/wishes for our dear friend. These messages were meant to start her Book of Fortune, which according to what I found is very useful in generating luck.

After the messages, we asked everyone to stand up and form a circle around Joy and we chanted a "magic spell" meant to cast away all the bad luck of Friday the 13th and to bring in good luck for Joy and everyone present.

The Spell:
Health I bring you,
happiness too, wealth herein
and all for YOU

I thought the party was a successful one, and so did many others. (Hahaha! I swear, organizing themed parties has got to be one of my biggest OGTs!)

Good luck, Mamooch! The party was the least I can do to say "thank you" for everything.

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